August : A Month Off

Although I didn't mean to, I pretty much checked out for the entire month of August. Not only did one of my dear girlfriends tie the knot, but Josh & I celebrated our two year anniversary. Since I was 8 months pregnant last year on our anniversary, we decided to take advantage this time around. We spent a full ten days up in Alaska visiting one of our friends. The trip involved  a lot of hiking around, fishing, and basking in the wonder that is Alaska as a whole (Some of my favorite photos from our family vacay are shown below).

Upon my return, I held one of the largest sale's I've ever had at the Nat during the So Long Summer event. After, I was almost completely sold out which meant I had to turn right around and go on a furniture buy. September on the other hand, has been a month of slowing down & digging back into work. I cannot wait to share some of the exciting things I'm planning for the Holiday Season! Stay tuned!


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