we've moved!!!

Hi everyone! Thanks for following us these past 8 years over here, but we're thrilled to announce that we've moved over to our very own webpage! Please visit From 6th Collective, and click the blog tab to follow along with future updates. See you soon!

This Old House

It's been such a joy to remodel & revive the bones of this historic home we purchased last fall. Hosting has become a favorite past time & I can't wait to watch our little one grow up here... Hopefully that means more frequent use of the upstairs. Although there are still several projects to tackle (like wallpaper in the powder bath, paneling in the gaming room, etc), I must say that I'm quite pleased with the overall design. The furnishings & finishes are a mix of local items and items found on-line or through our travels, but feel free to comment for sources.

But first, a couple before shots. I didn't take very many considering I was toting around my 2 week old when we started the project, and I just realized I never took any before shots of the front! Oh well, maybe I can google earth it at some point.

August : A Month Off

Although I didn't mean to, I pretty much checked out for the entire month of August. Not only did one of my dear girlfriends tie the knot, but Josh & I celebrated our two year anniversary. Since I was 8 months pregnant last year on our anniversary, we decided to take advantage this time around. We spent a full ten days up in Alaska visiting one of our friends. The trip involved  a lot of hiking around, fishing, and basking in the wonder that is Alaska as a whole (Some of my favorite photos from our family vacay are shown below).

Upon my return, I held one of the largest sale's I've ever had at the Nat during the So Long Summer event. After, I was almost completely sold out which meant I had to turn right around and go on a furniture buy. September on the other hand, has been a month of slowing down & digging back into work. I cannot wait to share some of the exciting things I'm planning for the Holiday Season! Stay tuned!

What a Ride

Six years ago today I opened my first shop, NEST. Little did I know back then that I would expand my entrepreneurship to include the Historic Nat as well as an Interior Design & Construction Company. Though I'll admit that I miss that little shop like crazy some days...especially when the holidays roll around. The long hours I put into the curation of the window displays, searching high and low for products that shared my retail motto, and many more other reasons that I won't get into here, make me wish I could do it all over again. Opening The NAT has been amazing for a whole new set of reasons, like building relationships with a vast array of artists & dealers, however I hope one day things will slow down a bit and allow me to embark on another little shop like NEST. Until then...

Monday Muse

I'd been searching high & low for the perfect paper to hang in our powder bath when I came across this little company, Hygge & West. I love all of their quirky designs & the colors they use are phenomenal! The other day I received an email from them with a video link showing how their wallpaper is made. It's neat knowing that their products are all handmade. I couldn't share the video here so I attached this link instead: How It's Made. I did however find this tutorial on how to hang their wallpaper. Check em out here: Hygee & West

How to Wallpaper with Hygge & West from Hygge & West on Vimeo.

le dinner en blanc

Le dinner en blanc is something I look forward to every summer. A local Amarillo family started the tradition, and I'm so happy they've kept it going all these years. This year I got to head up the table decor...turned out pretty great in my opinion. (A huge thanks to my gal Parie at Parie Designs for loaning me the beautiful centerpiece!)

freehand for friends

...that might just be my new favorite hashtag. I absolutely love the fact that I have such a dear friend that is insanely talented when it comes to not only all things freehand, but graphics as well. Kat Browning recently started her own little endeavor on top of managing The NAT for me. It's called Font & Fiddle and the creations coming out of it are to die for! Here's a little something she did for a bachelorette weekend in Austin. Crazy cute, right? For contact details and to see more of her designs click here: font&fiddle

Is this for real!?!

Yes, this is real. We at The NAT are giving all of you a chance to win a $1,000 Gift Card in Celebration of the upcoming Festival on Sixth! Simply swing by any time between now and June 20th to purchase as many $1 Raffle Tickets your little heart desires. Several other shops are offering great prizes as well so be sure to drop a Ticket at their location also!

Texas Ivy: Route 66 Memorabilia
OPJ: $1,000 Gift Card
Two Loons Warehouse: XL Yeti Cooler
Real Food Cafe: Cake & $25 Gift Card
The 806: 2 $25 Gift Cards
Cowboy Gelato: $25 Gift Card
Alley Katz: $500 Gift Card
The NAT: $1,000 Gift Card
Tiques on 66: $100 Gift Card