This Old House

It's been such a joy to remodel & revive the bones of this historic home we purchased last fall. Hosting has become a favorite past time & I can't wait to watch our little one grow up here... Hopefully that means more frequent use of the upstairs. Although there are still several projects to tackle (like wallpaper in the powder bath, paneling in the gaming room, etc), I must say that I'm quite pleased with the overall design. The furnishings & finishes are a mix of local items and items found on-line or through our travels, but feel free to comment for sources.

But first, a couple before shots. I didn't take very many considering I was toting around my 2 week old when we started the project, and I just realized I never took any before shots of the front! Oh well, maybe I can google earth it at some point.


  1. Wow this looks amazing!!! I need you to come do my house!!!