Back in Action

So it's been a few months since my last post and if you aren't from around the Texas Panhandle you might be a bit confused why... Recently I opened a 15,000 sqft market place down the block from my personal home design and accessories store on Route 66, NEST. It was a pretty crazy process which we somehow accomplished in a mere 3 months! NEST will remain open, however I wanted everyone creative in the community to be a part of something similar. When the old Natatorium came up for lease in early January I snatched it up and began the big plans. The ground floor was fully leased at our grand opening on May 5th (photos from the event below). After being bombarded with more artists, collectors, and craftsman wanting to join in on the big event we've decided to remodel the upper mezzanine area which will be open around the first of July! Thanks for all the support given durning this process- we have had a terrific first month and cannot wait to see what's in store over the next few years!!!


  1. Thanks Michelle! Please stop in next time you are here!!!