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Alright, so this is going to be one of the more lengthy posts that I occasionally do, but I'm dying to hear from you guys.

As you know, I tend to mix things up quite a bit. If you've followed me here for a while you well know that this blog and the from6th brand was originally created as a way for me to get the word out about events I was hosting at my first homewares shop, NEST, as well as an inspiration outlet for all of the things that inspired the designs there. Things have changed quite a bit over the years. I tried to hold on to my small shop for an entire year after remodeling & opening The NAT just down the block; however, running both was too difficult! Trying to employ, stock, and design the two locations was overwhelming to say the least. After closing the NEST doors, I absolutely refused to let go of the building with hopes that one day I would find the time to return to my first love. Today, I'm still operating The NAT, which is wildly successful, and have gone back to my Interior Design roots by teaming up with my father & husband at NEST Interiors & Construction.

The only problem is that I still feel like something is missing. I've gone back & forth trying to figure out exactly what is lacking from my life considering I've got things pretty good. Shortly after joining forces with several other creative female entrepreneurs in a group called "Chick Bosses", it finally hit me. I miss the hands on creative day to day experiences I used to have when I would spend my time at NEST. I used to regularly interact with a variety of individuals that inspired me, and would take that inspiration and put it to use by making things & hosting events. I'm not saying I plan on reopening the space or anything, but I would love to begin using it to create in again...this is what brings me to you.

I'd love to get some feedback through a short survey about what you want to see from from6th. If you are not already on the NEST email list, please send me your contact either here, on Facebook, or to from6th@icloud.com.

Keep an eye out in your inbox this week!


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