Modern Times

The moment I found out about this pregnancy I made a vow NOT to become consumed by the overwhelming amount of baby advice out there... from books & on-line forums to words from all of the women who have blazed this trail before me. Well, that lasted an entire 2 weeks, if that. I should have realized that my interest about the whole subject would get the best of me. I mean, these changes were happening TO me.

Anyways, I think I've done a pretty good job of learning about the whole process from a vast array of sources. Today I'm sharing three of my favorite places to go on the web when searching for baby & motherhood advice. 

I've followed the first one, Bleubird, for some time now. The little glimpses into her family's daily life are pretty sweet, and she's got a knack for picking out some wonderful products for the wee ones in your life. 

The second one is fairly new. I found out about The Ma Books from an instagram feed that I follow, HouseinHabit. It's packed with honest advice...they're anti-advertising so you know your getting the writer's actual opinion. Pretty sure I'll be referring to this page often once our babe arrives. 

Last, 100 Layer Cake-let is a spin off from the ever inspiring wedding site, 100 Layer Cake. I find myself scrolling here when I want to drift off in daydream world about our growing family...who wouldn't want to take part in some of these little parties? They're soooo cute!


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