Vanishing Architecture

The latest issue of Elle Decor had a small feature about a project opening this spring between artist Fujiko Nakaya and architect Philip Johnson.  After reading the first few lines, I went scouring the web to find out more!

I remember the first time I heard about Philip Johnson was in one of my history of architecture classes back in college. We watched a documentary about his various so many others, his famous Glass House and the message behind it is what resonated with me. I was often drawn to architects that had works in the area, which he did. Johnson was the design master-mind behind the Kennedy Memorial in downtown Dallas and the Water Gardens in Fort Worth.

However, I'd never heard of Fujiko Nakaya. After looking her up, I'm in awe! She was responsible for the world's first Fog Sculpture. How amazing is that?

What this all brings me to is this, who's going with me to this once in a lifetime exhibit!?!


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