checking in

Can you believe we're already just about half way through another year? Crazy! I find this time of year as we transition into summer,  a wonderful time to do a little personal check up. A few goals I set for myself as we rang in the new year were to practice more patience & kindness,  as well as mastering the art of cooking foreign cuisine. This was all supposed to take place while reminding myself to simplify. Well, I've got some good things to report along with a couple not so hot results. 

I really feel as though these past six months have tested me. This whole pregnant process completely eliminated the foreign cooking idea, while at the same time it's softened me quite a bit. This has resulted in an overwhelming surge of kindness. Simplifying is a little bit up & down. I'm happy to say that I at least recognize when I start fretting over material issues, and try to steer clear of them as often as possible. I will admit however that practicing patience has been the most difficult. Hopefully I can get a handle on this before the lack of sleep really kicks in with the arrival of our new baby girl! 

How about you? Do you find it important to have a little self reflection time to see if you're where you'd hoped to be this far down the road? 


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