Gift Giveaway - closed

This weeks Giveaway is our biggest one yet! It's a $200 Gift Card- spend it on one of those fancy items we've given away in the past weeks if ya like! 

Simply comment on this post with your name & email address to be entered to win! This Giveaway will remain open until Christmas Day so be sure to tell your friends & family to sign up too. The winner will be announced December 26th at noon. 

A lot of you have had trouble commenting below... I apologize for any difficulty and will accept entries on our Facebook or Instagram original Giveaway Posts. Good Luck!

Congratulations Sally Whittle! You're the lucky winner in this week's Giveaway!


  1. WHAAAT?! Come on luck time to kick in. I'll be in town for Christmas too :)

    Amanda Leach

  2. I'll drive all the the way to Amarillo for this, and to see you and the hubbie of course!!!

  3. Very exciting! Love all your stuff!
    Drew Zerby

  4. Meeee! I'm a new vendor and love walking by your booth every time I go in!

  5. very cool!
    Rusty Hanson

  6. Fingers Crossed
    Niki Brown

  7. EEEP! Super generous prize!!!
    Jessica Rich

  8. I would be the Christmas HERO!!! My girl loves your fancy things! Please pick me!