Gift Giveaway - closed

This week's Gift comes just in time for Holiday get-togethers! It's a gorgeous horn accented bar set that comes complete with a corkscrew, ice scoop, bottle opener, & jigger…what's better, all of the tools hang neatly on a single stand for easy storing on your mini bar! 

To enter, simply comment on "this" post with your email address & what your favorite winter cocktail is. Mine is an old fashioned- Whiskey was made for winter in my opinion.

(If you have had a difficult time figuring out how to post your comments on this blog it is because you do not have an email account registered with google. There are two more giveaways after this one so it would be worth it to set one up… more contests & giveaways will be featured on the blog in the New Year as well!)

I would also like to apologize for this being a little late, but my computer went on the fritz after some serious photo downloading from my wedding gallery. Therefore, I will be leaving this Giveaway open for an extra day.

Congratulations John Brittain! You're the lucky winner in this week's Giveaway!


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  2. This bar set is LUXE! How gorgeous would this polished set be in my pad. I'd totally wrap this and have it waiting for my hubs to open Christmas morning. I love a good French 75, and my husband is a whiskey man all.the.way. when it comes to what he'll swill.

  3. Can't beat a Rob Roy when it's cold outside, or a glass Macallen

  4. That bar set is beautiful. My favorite holiday cocktail is mulled cider : apple cider, bourbon, apple and/or pear slices, orange peels, cinnamon sticks, clove, star anise, cardamom, nutmeg, whole black pepper, honey, and bitters. Toss everything on the stove, let everything marinate on a low heat for a good while, then strain and serve. Garnish with fruit slices or cinnamon sticks. This recipe also makes your house smell wonderful. Oh, and substituting the bourbon for sauvignon blanc also makes for a tasty beverage.


    Bailey's/Kahula in coffee and whiskey and homeade eggnog. (Is it too early for a beverage? :)

  6. My new favorite is one my sister created! The Golden Root - goldschlager, bourbon and root beer! Delicious!