In the middle of nowhere

Who knew I'd find some of the coolest little shops in the middle of nowhere Tejas? I had to make a day trip down to Lubbock last week for work & on the way home decided to make a couple stops. Plainview was one of 'em. They had a few antique shops, which I just had to peek inside of. There's this one large shop on the main street (I can't quite remember the name) that has some really creative folks inside! The first booth on the left is full of wonderful vintage clothes along with some fancy taxidermy, another near the back is full of junk but the lady sure knows how to display it because naturally I felt like I couldn't live without everything in it, and then there was this one. The girl has got it goin' on! Her booth is so creative! It's a perfect mix of new, old, & handmade. I fell in love with these curio jars she had made for halloween! I'll be putting them in the ole ideas book for sure!


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