some of the best

(1) First, Foremost, & Most Importantly...I got engaged to my best friend (2) Owls are STILL trending (3) Spotted the amazing coffee sign I carry on one of my favorite blogs (4) The infamous Love Boat was created, then sold- at least it went to a home that I can visit from time to time. (5) I took over, remodeled, & reopened the Historic Nat Ballroom. I could not be more grateful for the business opportunities that have come my way. (6) Collaborated with one of my favorite local artists for the Nest Holiday Windows...Edward Cavazos. (7) Went for the real deal this year & had a blast picking it out. (8) Began taking blog neat! (9) One of my favorite Nest window displays to date. (10) Got crafty when it came to presents all year long! 

What a great year. I've grown a lot over the past year and could not be more content with the people in my life today and where my career is at this moment. There's so much to look forward to 2013...Cannot wait to share it with you all. 

Here's to a New Year!


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