Monday Muse

Well, as usual I waited until the last minute to do something...only this time the consequences are KiLLiNG me! I'd been checking and re-checking the Blogshop website to see when they would be making their way back down south and alas, they scheduled a weekend class in Austin! Turns out it fell during a pretty crazy time of year for me- having both stores now this whole end of year sale/holiday/tax sorting junk could prove a little overwhelming. Anyways, I put off signing up and the day I finally told the employees that I'd for sure be taking the time off to attend the Blogshop...THEY SOLD OUT! Sheesh! Looks like I'll have another year of checking and re-checking their website; however, if you're near any of them you should TOTALLY sign up! Here's a little clip of the knowledge a few students from previous classes walked away with.

blogshop interviews! from on Vimeo.


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