Balancing Act

Haven Press Studio is such an inspiration. I love how Mark Herschede is involved throughout the entire process of the studio's creations. It's also great to see someone who isn't such an extremist when it comes to his technique. So many creative people, whether they are in the coffee, painting, or printing industry- like Herschede here, have a hard time these days integrating the old & the new. "This way is better than that" tends to be the reoccurring attitude among them, which in the end holds them back from reaching their full potential. 

Here is a little excerpt from the article a dear friend passed along to me over at Cool Hunting
As a printer, Herschede has the ability to look beyond the sentimentality of a waning tradition to find a level of comfort in technology, while catering to the current demand for goods that are locally produced with little waste. "Essentially print has evolved—we can all either accept it and adopt it, or move on without it," he says. "I have made a choice to adopt the new while retaining traditional craft sensibilities and roots in analog processes—a balancing act is necessary."


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