Hello again! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season & a very happy new year! Our little blog makeover, special thanks to Ana from Liven Design, could not have came due at a better time. Fancy huh? Not only do we have these nifty links at the top but we have a share button on the lower right hand side too! If you like what ya see here please spread the love by posting it to your own site. This month I have a lot of exciting posts planned for the blog. These posts include some amazing DIY tutorials, local Amarillo home tours, as well as a possible Pop Up shop!!! In the meantime, I figured I would share my new years vacation with you all, instagram style.

We arrived just in time for a lovely Sunset over Angel Fire the first evening,

then piddled around Taos one afternoon and sipped on some local brew at Eske's.

Not quite sure how I grew up 4 hours from the Rio Grande Gorge without ever witnessing it in person, but it could have easily been the highlight of my trip... Magical to say the least. 

The piƱata I created for the big New Year's Eve moment was a hit- Full of glitter, liquor, candy, & TNT!

And last, a big Thanks to the Reeder's for their hospitality by letting us enjoy the holiday at their lovely new cabin!