Party Time

October is here and with it comes a whole lotta birthdays! Over half of my friends and family celebrate their special day this month, and mine is included! This year I don't really NEED anything. Time spent with the ones I love is enough...but, if you are determined to get me something why not go all out! Here is a list of items that would suit me just fine.

No need to be modest right?. Ok, well then, my first wish is for this tame Siberian Fox. He comes straight from Russia to your doorstep for a mere 6G's.

Now, after I get the fox I will need to relocate to a more remote area thus a quaint A frame in the woods would suffice.

My current abode doesn't have a porch therefore, I'd be delighted to have 2 of these hanging chairs accompanying the new residence.

Moving to the mountains will mean cooler weather so why not tack on this cozy jacket while you've got the credit card already out.

I have no clever reason why I deserve this last I'll just keep my fingers crossed you love me just enough to top off my 2011 Birthday Wish List!


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