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A couple days ago I posted a little excerpt from the latest Anthropologie catalog and while browsing through another blog found out a little more about just what inspired a few of those photos.

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from Wikipedia:

In Spanish art, a bodegón is a still life painting depicting pantry items, such as victuals, game, and drink, often arranged on a simple stone slab, and also a painting with one or more figures, but significant still life elements, typically set in a kitchen or tavern.

Anthropologie has done a lovely job of invoking this significant painting style from 17th-century Spain. Check out these amazing side-by-side comparisons of the product shots from Anthro's catalog (start on p.46) with the works of famous Bodegón painters, Juan van der Hamen and Juan Sánchez Cotán :

It's nice to see that massive companies such as Anthropologie are still out there finding inspirations from things that have been before just like the rest of us.


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