Little Late

however, our costumes this year for Halloween are too great not to share. Below are a few photos of my crafting process... i even loved them so much i saved the tails, what to do with them now?

supplies: yarn & scissors mostly. (a little cardboard, a headband, three tube socks, a hand towel, & sweatshirt are needed as well)

i simply used a large needle to thread the yarn through the cardboard

then i made the ears in the same fashion

and tied them to a headband

next i sewed an A patch, for Ash, onto the sweatshirt. The patch was made with the yarn also.

two large safety pins were used to secure my cape (handtowel).

last, i cut and sewed the tube socks together to create the bandit mask. the ears poked through two small slits cut into the top of the mask.

and voila! there you have it- one rad cussing Trio! (Ash, Farmer Bean, Mr. Fox)


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