alaska: absolute awe

i had the pleasure of visiting some dear friends in the southern region of alaska last week and now i cannot stop thinking about it! if there is one place to regain inspiration from, well alaska is definitely it- how could it not be though with it's enormous mountains, some of which are untouched, the abundance of animals and sea life, not to mention the sky alone (by day it is one of the most radiant blues on the spectrum and by night it opens itself up for a glimpse at some of the brightest stars i've ever seen). below are a few photos of my travels that i feel will share my experience best out on the last frontier!

portage pass in whittier

several lions jellyfish waiting for high tide on the beaches of seward

caught a glimpse of a moose just taking it easy in some fellas backyard

my friends lead the way at exit glacier

the most beautiful driftwood along the shorelines


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