Hey You!

A couple of weeks ago the most lovely family stopped in the shop while making their way from California all the way over to South Carolina! The mom as is turns out has an adorable blog called the Knack where she featured us just last week! Her comments were sweet and the photos are awesome! Please, please head on over there and leave a comment or two!

(careful though, she has some great posts about how to's, before & after's, etc. that are featured on Design*Sponge that are sure to get you hooked!)



  1. i'm so glad barb posted about you and introduced me (and others) to your blog/store after her trip. and thank you for introducing your readers to her - she's great!

  2. thank you, for this sweet post! i enjoyed your shop so much, and want to say again what a great job you are doing! all the best to you!