fOuNd iT

I should NOT have been on etsy tonight because there was a lot of adorable stuff that I felt I needed really bad! Good thing that little conscience of mine kicked in since I'm headed to austin for friendship time this weekend and red rocks for JBT next weekend! summer is here and road trips outweigh buying items I don't reeeeally need...but here are the items I did find in case you'd like to get some. The only downside here is that I was too excited while finding the goods to jot down the store names they came from. Hopefully the descriptions below can help in the search box and if not just send over an e-mail. (hopefully i'll have them found again by then)

recycled glasses- love them! esp. since we can't recycle glass in a-town

i'm pretty into cameo jewelry

this card is fabulous- it's so true too!

b. noel goods are amazing! all natural diffusers and remedies!

american tourister suitcase...must have.


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