5 Things that Keep...

this town growing on me! It's been exactly one year since I've moved back to Amarillo. I had anticipated a sad, boring return to my hometown with windy brown skies; however, I've learned that it is anything but! It's been a blast becoming an entreprenuer in the revitalized community of 6th Street, and there are some fantastic people I've met along the way. Below are 5 places that make this town special to me...some have been open for years and have big plans ahead of them for 2010 and others are new establishments that I hope continue to thrive!

This is the facade of the most fabulous little gallery on 6th. Owned by Kent Harris and Megan Easley, they fill the space with ceramics, paintings, metal works, and much more! Their latest addition that I cannot get enough of is Real Food Cafe! They are inside the gallery and open Tues. thru Sat. 11-2. If you haven't tried it out and are looking for a delicious & nutritious lunch then they are the perfect place!

Next is the Ground Cafe inside the Chase building. This amazing little coffee shop is ran by Kimberly Herbert and her daughter Carli. Not only is the cafe full of organic coffee, teas, and espresso's, but the design of the space is spectacular! Drop in sometime soon and say hello!

I've been familiar with Secret Garden for years, but just recently I became a huge fan and a regular customer! Their cooler is always full of the most original and organic plant life that it's the only place we go for the flowers inside NEST. They are going to have a huge year so keep an eye on this creative bunch, you won't want to miss it!

River Falls, viewed from above, is a community that was opened a few years ago that borders the end of Palo Duro Canyon. At first glance it seems a little over priced for the drive and the few amenities offered. Then as you spiral down further into the community you get it! My favorite lot just sold, but it was def. the best in my opinion so I knew it wouldn't last long. The back of it houses massive boulders that trickle down to the river. The canyon wall across the river would be an ideal spot for catching a rare glimpse of the aoudad sheep traveling through as well!

Last, is Wildcat Bluff! They are a non-profit organization that offers lots of fantastic trails for wildlife viewing just minutes from the edge of town! Events are also held at the center that are fun, educational, and worth your time! Their next event is Earth Fest coming up this Saturday. To learn more about Wildcat Bluff go to their website: http://www.wildcatbluff.org/index.html.


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