this couldn't wait...

and it may come off strange but wow am i excited about the inventory we just received...what's even better, there's more to come! these products won't hit the floor until tuesday though due to our renovation this sunday and monday. thus, the tiny preview!


  1. I love them. I am trying to decorate Benson's play room in a world theme. Slowly getting there.
    Also, I've been looking for lamps for our bedroom and those are adorable! I must come to Amarillo and take a gander at your NEST.

  2. That mirror is fantastic. I just stopped in last weekend and saw your adorable shop! So glad to see there is a blog too!

    Cristy, you would LOVE it!

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  4. yes, it is one amazing mirror. larger than we anticipated too!

    cristy, we also have some tiny globes on their way that are painted in chalkboard paint! the continents are the only permanent items on them & they are white! cannot wait to show them to you!