This made me smile...

Coachella's Line Up was released yesterday and we are pretty excited; however, the poster has been causing a bit of controversy. This story by Peter Macia on Fader really made me laugh.

There aren’t many music festivals that we anticipate with as much flashback hangover enthusiasm as Coachella. Every year we wait for the day that they announce the lineup and usually we’re like YEAH DEPECHE MODE YEAH DAFT PUNK YEAH ALL THOSE OTHER BANDS because that’s how they design the poster—headliners in gigantic typeface with all other artists presumably listed in order of cultural impact and reflected into your brain via descending font size. Usually it’s fine. But this year we almost had to break out a magnifying glass to see that some of our favorite bands will indeed be there, and we are neither blind nor old nor Sherlock Holmes. Girls, Yeasayer, Beach House, the Big Pink, Little Boots and the legendary Gil Scott-Heron get reduced to fine print while Muse’s font is literally taller than some of our friends. We’re not totally against Muse or anything but Thom Yorke is on the same poster and in a smaller font. That’s like saying Hey dudes, leather is sweet but CHECK OUT PLEATHER NOW THAT SHIT IS LUXURIOUS. Or something like that. Also, we just now noticed Grace Jones is going to be at Coachella because she is being pushed under the enormous and furious typographical paws of Grizzly bear by She & Him. That is just disrespectful. We can’t imagine anyone who values the skin on his/her face is going to actually show Grace Jones this poster, but maybe they thought she was a DJ/chillwave band with a funny name like Joy Orbison or Truman Peyote and made an honest mistake. Who knows! Regardless, we’re still excited, just like any other year and have created a hasty, font-democratized Photoshop version of the poster after the jump. See you guys there.


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